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Total trades3750
Total P&L+89.57%
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Close Date
Entry PriceClose Price
ADA USDT27.03.2024 11:5427.03.2024 16:400.640.650.0066%
KAVA USDT26.03.2024 17:3127.03.2024 04:000.991.030.0231%
GALA USDT26.03.2024 16:4027.03.2024 16:400.070.07-0.0236%
ICP USDT26.03.2024 15:5126.03.2024 17:0718.6719.550.0231%
FTM USDT26.03.2024 15:0327.03.2024 16:401.091.07-0.0298%
LDO USDT26.03.2024 15:0127.03.2024 16:403.183.1-0.0420%
KAVA USDT22.03.2024 04:5125.03.2024 05:300.90.940.1620%
LDO USDT14.03.2024 07:3522.03.2024 01:132.812.940.7170%
THETA USDT13.03.2024 16:3214.03.2024 04:533.313.470.0232%
ALPHA USDT13.03.2024 16:2726.03.2024 08:
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